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Ideas for Pre-Wedding Activities in the Burg

Fredericksburg, VA and the surrounding areas are full of activities to enjoy before or after your wedding day! Here are some activities to consider to make your wedding experience one to remember! Just because you are having a Elopement, Pop-Up or Micro Style Wedding doesn't mean you can't party! And you don't have to stick with tradition make your unique memory!

Carriage Ride & ​

Foodie Tour

Enjoy a carriage ride about town and stop at one of our popular sweet spots or we can arrange a tour with Flavors of Fredericksburg Tour.


Carriage Ride & Garden Tea Party 

Have you always wanted to have that perfect garden tea party? Call us and we can make arrangements to have tea perfect tea time in the most splendid venue!


Private Carriage & Wine Tasting 

Enjoy a carriage ride about town and stop for a glass of wine along the way. Great intimate experience with the girls or the soon to be groom! 

Hops to 

Trot Carriage Tour

Make arrangements to get personally delivered to Spencer Devon, The Red Dragon, and the Fredericksburg's Beer Exchange. The choice is always yours.

Carriage Ride & 

Distillery Tour or Pub Crawls

Take a carriage ride to Bowman's Distillery and enjoy the distillery tour. After the tour you will have a chance to taste the spirits.  

Or ride with Olde Skool Pedal Bike for their Pub Crawl. 


Carriage Ride & 

Ghost Tour

Do you like to be scared? Then you are in the right city! Fredericksburg is one of the most haunted 

cities in America. Arrange for a ghost tour and we promise you will be scared, perfect for bridal shower or for a fun time with the future groom. 

Carriage Ride & Connect Games Escape Room or Break It?

Are you and your wedding party the adventurous type? Have a private carriage ride and have a unique experience that will be one for the books! Connect Games escape room creates all of their own games and puzzles right here in Fredericksburg, Virginia. Incorporating local Virginia stories, make your experience fun and interactive!

If you are really adventurous try Break It? Great outlet for working out any frustration over your wedding! 



Carriage Ride & 

AR Workshop

Join us on a carriage ride then participate in a DIY workshop to create on-trend home decor from raw materials – wood signs, canvas pillows, wood framed signs, bottle openers and more! 

 Enjoy a girls night out, date night, or private party at AR Workshop Fredericksburg!


Carriage Ride

& Picnic

Want something simple, peaceful, and dream like? Have a personal carriage ride and be delivered to a picnic spot of your choice in Fredericksburg !